The Willett Family (Second Edition!)

It was almost exactly 2 years ago that I photographed Ash and Scott as they were expecting their first child. Now they have two beautiful children (with the most beautiful matching blue eyes I have ever seen) and I can’t believe how quickly they’ve grown already!

_MG_4564.jpgWillets2.jpg_MG_4974.jpg_MG_4662.jpg_MG_4638.jpg_MG_4647.jpg_MG_4675.jpg_MG_4659.jpg_MG_4710.jpg_MG_4728.jpg_MG_4811 copy.jpg_MG_4384.jpgWillets1.jpg_MG_4744.jpg_MG_4768.jpg_MG_4763.jpg_MG_4784.jpg_MG_4825.jpg_MG_4864.jpg_MG_4938.jpg_MG_4933.jpg_MG_4908.jpg_MG_4916.jpgWillets4.jpg_MG_5002.jpgWillets3.jpg_MG_5150.jpg_MG_5187 copy.jpg_MG_5025.jpg_MG_5220.jpg_MG_5213.jpg_MG_5248 copy.jpg_MG_5241.jpg_MG_5232.jpg

See their previous maternity shoot here!

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