~ The Blakes ~

I photographed these adorable kids for a secret Father’s day present the other day! It doesn’t feel like a job when I get to wander around in the sunshine on a lovely spring afternoon with these cuties.


_MG_8678_5.png_MG_8583.png_MG_8621.png_MG_8626.png_MG_8637.png_MG_8642.png_MG_8605.png_MG_8653 copy.png_MG_8666.png_MG_8670 copy.png_MG_8717.png_MG_8744.png_MG_8739.png_MG_8747.png_MG_8749.png_MG_8753.png_MG_8758.png_MG_8781.png_MG_8777.png_MG_8778.png_MG_8816 copy.png_MG_8849.png_MG_8800 copy.png_MG_8857.png_MG_8873.png_MG_8876 copy.png

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