Incase you missed the news, there’s been incredible weather in Queensland of late. From extreme heat one week to so much rain that it nearly floods the state the next. I’m greatful to live in a spot that is near impossible to flood and manages to miss all of the tornadoes and cyclones. Though with never ending rain and crazy wind for nearly three days straight, there’s not too much to do. Most people stay indoors and watch a movie. But how often does it rain for long enough to go and stand in it and have a photoshoot and not freeze to death? Exactly. So we did. Even if it was a little scary.

Incase you’re wondering.. no I didn’t take my 5D mark ii out into the pouring rain :P I pre-set the camera and got my sister to sit on my bed in my room and shoot through the window while I told her what to frame. I’m lucky to have a sister that doesn’t run the other way at my weird ideas.

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