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My Bachelor of Photography final year graduate project.

‘Cosplay’ is defined as ‘costume play’ and is a hobby or art in which ‘cosplayers’ dress up in costumes worn by characters from their favourite movies, television shows, books and video games. My work introduces these characters and attempts to explore and contrast both their constructed identities and their real identities through elements such as their costumes and personal living spaces. The comic book style speech bubbles give insight, provided by the featured persons, into the reasons why they engage in cosplay. Through the portraits of these people, viewers are encouraged to question their own identity and how they aim to portray themselves.

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Southeast Asia

In January 2012, a group of photojournalism students (including myself) and tutors from Griffith University’s Queensland College of Art (QCA) travelled overseas to document stories in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, in particular, the work of non-government organisations (NGOs) in the area.


Days with Diane – Emerald, Queensland.

Established in 1987, 2PH is one of the biggest citrus farms in the southern hemisphere, producing thousands of kilos of fruit per day. 2PH and its workers in Emerald, Queensland have been through some tough times including floods and disease, with the farm being forced to close temporarily as a result of the citrus canker outbreak in Australian between 2004 and 2009. Despite these hardships, the farm thrives and forms a major part of the citrus industry. Due to the hard work of owners Bindi and Craig Pressler and their workers such as supervisor Diane, the farm continues to produce citrus and grapes to major grocery stores in Australia and around the world.


Super Heroes

[mass noun]
The practice of dressing up as a character from a film, book, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga or anime.

Semester 1 stage of graduate project (see above).