Film Stills

Abigail Lancaster: The Truth Begins – Short Film 2012
Directed by Laura Smith
Produced by Briony Benjamin


Emma Wright – ‘Puzzle Piece’ Music Video 2012
Directed by Laura Smith
Produced by Sumah Hurley

c11-Emma8.jpgc14-Necklace7.jpgc15-Emma10.jpgc20-Emma3.jpgc29-Necklace4.jpgc36-Couple5.jpgc40-Candle6.jpgc63-Emma1 (1).jpgc69-Actors7.jpg

Checkmate – Short Film 2010

Director: Laura Smith
Producer: Maya Weidner

“Checkmate follows Jimmy as a young man that has spent the last 3 years looking after his grandfather who refused to be put into a home. Every day they would play chess. Jimmy’s granddad has now passed on and Jimmy has no life skills except for his beloved game. In an attempt to make something of his life Jimmy attempts to become a grand master just like his grandfather said he should be. Whilst committing to an intense training program Jimmy develops a crush for the girl next door. Most importantly he must choose between living out the memory of his granddad or moving on.”