>> Angus & Imke <<

Some lovely friends of mine, Angus and Imke, celebrated being together for 2 years on Friday. For their anniversary, Angus surprised Imke with a lovely day out and a photo shoot. Despite being nearly blown away by some insane winter winds, I had so much fun shooting this beautiful couple.


_MG_5546.jpg_MG_5553.jpg_MG_5556.jpg_MG_5608.jpg_MG_5637.jpg_MG_5625.jpg_MG_5639.jpgDiptage01.jpg_MG_5716.jpg_MG_5698.jpg_MG_5751.jpg_MG_5753.jpg_MG_5784.jpg_MG_5811.jpg_MG_5790.jpg_MG_5846 copy.jpgDiptage02.jpg_MG_5864.jpg_MG_5869.jpgDiptage02_1.jpg_MG_6008.jpgDiptage03.jpg_MG_5968.jpg_MG_6016.jpg_MG_6018.jpg_MG_6020 copy.jpg_MG_6050.jpg_MG_6062.jpg_MG_6058.jpg_MG_6069.jpg

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