Four words…

~ Clue 1 ~

“Today is something that’s been planned for weeks,

but first you will need to play hide and seek.

Follow the hints and along the way,

some friends will appear to help you stay

on the right track ’till the very last clue

and at each stop there will be a present for you.”

~ Clue 2 ~

Now you’ve passed my exam here at school

We’re off to somewhere really quite cool

A gift for one became a gift for two

I was so lucky I got to share it with you

I know that I said we’d go to the beach

And eventually that is where you will reach

The next place we’ll go is an all time high

I felt like a bird that could soar and fly

We had to climb and then descend

And before I knew it we’d reached the end

The wind was strong and messed up our hair

And now it’s time for you to go there.

Go to that place and solve this riddle

And meet under the arch, right in the middle.

~ Clue 3 ~

Now that you’ve played along with these clues

There’s a few more surprises in store for you

The next part is secret and so can’t be shared.

You won’t know where you’re going

but that’s no reason to be scared.


The day that Steven Peter Libby proposed to Jessica Kate Oostenbroek.




I also took a bit of video on the day on top of the images that I took and put it together in a little video for Jess and Steven to remember their day by. Enjoy :)

~Click here to see the video ~


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